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Gulliver's Movers thanks you for your patronage. Whether this is your first or fourth move with us, you will receive personalized, careful service. Our moving philosophy can be simply stated as: Swift & Gentle. Your opinion of Gulliver's craftsmanship is more important to us after the move than all the good things you may have heard about us before your move.

Gulliver's Movers is considered "one of the top Moving Companies in the Cincinnati metropolitan area" according to (Cincinnati Magazine?).

Why Gulliver Movers? We've been successfully moving families in and out of the Cincinnati Metro area and throughout the Midwest for over 20 years. Referrals and repeat customers comprise nearly 70% of our business. We believe in quality service at a competitive price, ensuring all your belongings are handled with care and respect.  


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Pre Move: After speaking to us and securing an estimate and move date, we will assist with selection of boxes, packing materials and valuation (transit protection) for your items.

Move Day: On move day, your Crew Chief will oversee the move logistics and facilitate communication to insure that you are satisfied with the quality of service. Should you have additional questions or concerns, your Move Coordinator will be available for you as well.

After Move: Although we have received complements about our movers and service, we are nonetheless human and occasionally mistakes do happen. In the unlikely event of damage, our dedicated registration professional will ensure a satisfactory, timely resolution.

Same day moving service includes Cincinnati, northern Kentucky and nearby cities and towns, within a 50 mile radius.

"Travel time" is the time it takes us to get to and from your move locations, within the Cincinnati Metro Area. Travel time is included in our 3 hour minimum charge.

Normally it's only a one hour, allowing 30 minutes to the pick-up location and 30 minutes back to either of our truck yard in Norwood OH. "Move time" is the time between your locations and the time it takes to complete your move.

   Local Moves Include:
+ Door-to-door pick up and delivery
+ Loading and unloading furniture
+ Disassemble and reassemble items
+ Blanket wrapping of all your furniture
+ Arranging furniture at new location
+ No extra charge, weekends/holidays
+ Basic Liability Insurance coverage

   Optional Services
+ Partial or Full Packing
+ Packing Materials, delivery available
+ Unpacking boxes, upon request
+ Detailed inventory, upon request
+ Special handling or crating of
    delicate items + Hoisting services
+ Additional insurance, upon request

Optional services may cost extra or extend the estimated time.


Packing images Packing images

Whether you pack or we pack, our professional services are designed to support your unique needs. We offer start-to-finish packing services for those who don't want to fuss with it, or can send a packer to only assist with fragile items, it's your call. Our services are available before or on the day of your move.

Basic points to keep in mind before packing.

Point 1: Set aside items you will need up until the last moment, such as cleaning supplies, children's toys, bedding and pet food.

Point 2: Plan how you will transport items that can't easily be packed or moved. These include plants & pets.

Point 3: Figure out what supplies you'll need, such as boxes, tape, marking pens and cushioning material like bubble wrap and wrapping paper.

Point 4: Begin by repacking items such as computers and TVs in their original boxes using original materials, if possible.

Point 5: Label boxes on more than one side, with both the box's contents and the room name in which it originates from.

Point 6: Pack fragile items carefully. Use plenty of packing peanuts, bubble wrap and crumpled paper around each item. Use cardboard to separate levels and don't pack boxs too tight or make them too heavy.

Point 7: Pack books, papers, albums and CDS in small boxes; they're heavier than you think! Fill them to the top so they can be stacked when moved.

Point 8: Roll up carpets and small floor rugs, and tie them securely. Large oriental rugs without pads can be folded.

Point 9: Pack bedding last. Use large boxes and pack tightly. Try using as much of the bedding as you can for padding fragile items.

Point 10: Check the basement, the garage, the attic and outdoors for items you might have overlooked. Use small boxes for heavy items and medium boxes for the rest.

At Gulliver's Movers we believe packing is not only a craft but an art. Some "Pop Artists" might agree. Each piece has its own requirements; in shape, size, weight and fragility. Our experienced estimators are pleased to address these unique packing and handling issues. A quick complimentary appointment will provide you with the professional advice and custom solutions you need.

Gulliver's sells and delivers boxes and materials to clients in the Cincinnati metro area. Orders are normally filled within 48 hrs. with a $25 delivery fee. Call (513) 351-0420 to order.

Small Box Small Carton
17 x 12.5 x 12.5"
Medium Box Medium Cart.
18 x 18 x 16"
large box Large Carton
18 x 18 x 24"
Dish Barrel Dish Pack
18 X 18 X 32"

Tape Pack Tape
Bubble Wrap Bubble Wrap
Paper Wrap Wrapping
Wardrobe Wardrobe
18 X 22 X 50"

Delivered on
move day

A B O U T   &   F A Q

About images

Gulliver's Movers was founded by Joe Kinneary in 1990, the company got its named from the classic tale, Gulliver's Travels (1726).

Gulliver's Travels is a novel by Irish writer and clergy- man Jonathan Swift, born November 1667. It is both a satire on human nature and a parody of the "travellers' tales." It is Swift's best known full-length work and a classic of English literature.

Over the years Gulliver's has been privileged to have many young, talented and hard working fellow travellers. Offering them an opportunity to transition into their chosen profession.

Our full-time staff is comprised of experienced movers and drivers, which offer some of the best moving services in the Cincinnati metro area.

CEO Joe Kinneary offers more than thirty years of professional moving experience, he offers hands-on management and operation services.

Joe and his experienced staff is one of the reasons why Gulliver's is considered one of the top moving companies in the Cincinnati metro area.

Q - Do I need an on-site estimate?
A - Yes if your apartment or house has two or more bedrooms' worth of items. A reasonably accurate estimate cannot be calculated without a free visual survey (estimate).
Q - How accurate are estimates in general?
A - An estimate is an approximation by definition. There are many factors that can effect the length of a move job.
Q - Do local & long distance estimates differ?
A - Estimates for local moves are based on time, long distance moves are based on cubic feet, weight and distance.
Q - What other charges should I expect?
A - We bring various materials to each job such as: tape, mattress bags, sofa wrap, picture and mirror cartons, and wardrobe boxes. There is a small fee for each, ranging from $4 to $10. See packing services for more information.
Q - When should I call a moving company?
A - The earlier, the better. It's wise to give us notice ASP, especially for moves at end of the month.
Q - How long does it take to move?
A - This depends on many factors, such as size of your move, distance to the truck, elevators, and most importantly how well prepared you are.
Q - Is it OK to assist movers with the move?
A - Your indirect assistance is fine. The concern
we have is possible liability, should you be injured while assisting.
Q - How and when should I pay?
A - Other than deposits or extra insurance, most movers except credit cards, cashier checks and cash at the end of your move.
Q - Should I tip the movers?
A - Feel free to tip your movers when they do a good job. Ten to twenty dollars per man is customary.


Gulliver's Mover's offices and storage facilities are open from:
8 am to 6 pm
Monday - Saturday

We offer moving services throughout the week, including Sundays and certain holidays.
Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

Click a number below to make a cellphone call for a phone or on-sight estimate:

OH  +1 (513) 351-0420

OH  +1 (513) 290-9112

Email Address: (click to email)

Our Location: 2692 Madison Rd #305, Cincinnati, OH 45208, P.O. Box 328

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